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Organic apples. When headstrong farmers have crazy ideas.

When a South Tyrolean farmer gets an idea stuck in his head, he won’t budge. Not one inch. And the result? Well, Biosüdtirol organic and sustainable apple farming in South Tyrol, of course. Arguably the home of the organic apple.

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Organic Apple Farming in South Tyrol, Italy - Biosüdtirol

12 months.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter: what happens over a year in our apple meadows? A short tour of twelve lively, vibrant months.

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Apple country South Tyrol.

Hot days, cool nights and a nutrient-rich soil. South Tyrol, home of the organic apples.

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Along the Silk Road, merchants cart the apple trees from Kazakhstan to Europe. In the 13th century our great-great-grandfathers planted them. Since then the apples have grown magnificently in the climate of South Tyrol. Even kings and emperors got a taste for them 130 years ago and we delivered the apples to their courts in trains. As an energy supplier for in-between meals or as a dessert - from the south of Italy to the north of Norway people discovered South Tyrolean apples.

However, we realised there was a better, healthier, way to grow our apples. Better for the people, and the planet. So, around 30 years ago, we summoned up the courage and took our first step. And since the start of the 90s, we grow our apples organically with no ifs or buts. Now everyone enjoys the taste of organic apples: nature, our apple loving families, and people throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


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